The Virtual Centre

The Virtual Centre is a pioneering method of delivering patient care. It allows patients to book virtual appointments with their GP or Pharmacist. The Centre gives patients improved access to a GP or Pharmacist, and directs them to the necessary care much more quickly and efficiently without the need to travel to the surgery.

It’s designed for non-complex patient cases with straightforward conditions. The patient is booked in to the virtual centre and will receive a call back at a convenient time.

What kind of referrals will the Virtual GP deal with?

• Coughs and colds
• Cystitis
• Discussions about results and interpretation of letters
• Ongoing problems where the medication may need amending
• Repeat prescriptions
• Sick notes
• Simple conditions
• Soreness, aches, and pains
• Vaccination advice
• Where the patient specifically requests a phone call from a GP

How to make a booking

Patients are able to request virtual appointments directly from their GP practice. Please contact your GP reception as normal and request a virtual appointment.


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